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Gold Membership Plus

$499.00 for 1 year $499.00 / per year (Best Value)
  • Unlimited number of listings
  • Unlimited availability of listings
  1. Unlimited Listings
  2. Purchasing one-year business membership PLUS plan includes $3000 in value!
  3. 2 Listings in our Monthly eCast that goes out to overall email subscribers (a $2000 value)
  4. Bold & Prioritized listing on Web and Mobile App with all pertinent contact info, your business will appear on or near the top of the list in category search.
  5. 24 x 7 Web based access for updating & maintaining your listing.
  6. We will Mention your business on Social Media (Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp)
  7. Special discounts for advertising and marketing campaigns during special holidays and off and peak times
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Basic Listing

$0.00 / year
  • This plan includes 5 listings
  • Unlimited availability of listings
  1. Standard Listing
  2. Limited Support
  3. Free (Web and Mobile App)
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