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Six Ways to Raise the Ranking of Your Website (SEO)

Six Ways to Raise the Ranking of Your Website (SEO)

It is essential to enhance your brand’s search engine optimization (SEO) if you want to see your website climb the search engine results pages to the top. You can do this by using the tips listed below.

Use an Online Business Directory

There are differences among all links. When generating results for your company’s website, Google does not account for each and every link that leads to it from other websites. Google will not take note unless other reliable, relevant websites link to yours. Regrettably, a large number of web directories are not regarded as reliable or relevant. Before listing or promoting, it pays to thoroughly check your directories. On the other hand, some directories, because of their reliability, are able to rank highly in organic listings. There is a chance that the Muslim owned businesses or any other business will receive traffic and leads through this channel. It is beneficial if you can place your company in a reliable directory because the listing site strives to cite and reference your company.

Publish Useful, Reliable Content

There is no alternative for outstanding content; this is particularly true when engaging in SEO marketing for Muslim owned businesses. Your rankings on a search engine are mostly influenced by reliable, high-quality content. The more visitors your site receives, the more authoritative and relevant it becomes because of the quality material you have generated with your target audience in mind. Improve your web writing skills and position yourself as a subject-matter authority.

A distinct keyword phrase should be identified and targeted for each authoritative content page on your website. Take into account the keywords that your viewer might use to locate that specific page:

  • Engineering management online masters
  • The definition of biomedical engineering
  • Education materials for Title IX
  • Photos of the northern lights
  • How to submit a scholarship application?
  • When is the FAFSA filing deadline?
  • How do engineering technology and engineering differ from one another?

Various Keyword Expressions

Without the keyword phrases being nearly identical to one another, it will be quite impossible for a website to rank for multiple keyword phrases. It is possible for a single website to appear for both “biomedical engineering employment” and “biomedical engineering jobs”. It is uncommon to rank “student affairs,” “dean of students,” “gender discrimination,” or “violence reporting processes” on a single page.

You must create a distinct page for every keyword or phrase you want your website to rank for if you want it to appear in search results for numerous keyword phrases.

Inserting Keywords

Following the selection of your keyword phrase for a particular page, think about the following:

  • Is it possible to utilise a keyword phrase in its entirety or in part in the page URL (by utilising phrases in folders)?
  • Can I use the primary keyword in full or in part as the page title?
  • Can I include the keyword term in both the page heading and the subheading?

Your search engine rating can be raised by responding “yes” to these inquiries. But remember to be casual and approachable. You do not want the term Northern Lights reused in the title of the page or any of the headings, For instance, you do not want the word “technology” to show up in the URL more than three times. Search engine optimization continues to lose ground in readability and usability.


The factors that have the greatest impact on search engine results include content, page URL, title, as well as headers. In the opening and concluding paragraphs, as well as two to four additional times all through the remaining text, repeat your relevant keywords numerous times throughout the page. Throughout the main website of your company as well as other helpful websites, you can carefully link to additional sources of information and relevant content.

Use heading tags (particularly an H1), bold, italics, and other emphasis elements to draw attention to these keyword phrases, but do not use them excessively. You always want your writing to read organically and in your own tongue. The quality of writing should never be sacrificed for SEO purposes. The best sites are those that are created with the user in mind, not the search engine. 

Maintain Regular Content Updates

As you may have observed, we have strong opinions about the content. Search engines act in the same way. Keep in mind that perhaps one of the most effective methods to judge how relevant a website is by how frequently its material is updated. Review your material periodically (each term, for example), and make any necessary changes.


Your departmental news blog’s ability to rank well in search engines can also be improved by adding more content that is keyword-rich. You might utilise blog postings to share even short changes on the specific topics you want to cover. When it will help the reader have a clearer understanding of the subject or more information, interlink your relevant CMS websites and blog posts.


Be careful to leave space between each and every page’s head> tags on your website so that you may add metadata— information about the contents of the page at a later time. As your website evolves over time, it is crucial that you check and update the metadata.

Metadata for Title

The page titles that appear at the forefront of a browser window, as well as the headline inside search engine results, are controlled by title metadata. It is the most significant metadata on your site. The web team has created an automatic mechanism that uses your page title to generate the meta title for every page for people who have a CMS website. This emphasises the value of utilising carefully considered page titles that are filled with keyword words.

Metadata for Description

The textual summary that a browser may provide in your site search result is called description metadata. Think of it as your website’s window display—a brief and appealing overview of what is inside meant to attract guests to visit. Usually, two whole phrases make up a strong meta description. Despite the fact that search engines may not necessarily always employ your meta description, it is still important to provide them the choice.

Metadata for Keywords

Keyword metadata is seldom ever used in the calculation of search engine rankings. It does not harm to include your keyword phrases in your keyword metadata even if you should already be familiar with them. You should employ a variety of terms and phrases. As a rule of thumb, try to limit it to 3–7 phrases, each of which has 1-4 words.

Own a Website That Merits Linking

The likelihood of receiving connections from other websites increases when a website is authoritative, impartial, and helps users learn more about the subjects they are interest in. This boosts your optimization in search engines.

Your authority and credibility might grow by providing relevant links within the content. Try replacing the links of “click here” with the name of the place. The search engine value of “Click here” is limit to the URL that is attach, however “Muslim Business Listing Sites” is fill with words and will raise both your ranking in search engines and the page that you are linking to in search results. Use descriptive links whenever possible to connect keywords; this will help your website rank better in search results and will also benefit users, particularly those with impairments or screen readers.

Use Alternative Tags

Always use alternative text descriptions, or “alt tags,” to explain your image and video files. They are significant because they make it possible for search engines to find your site, which is especially important for people who use screen readers or text-only devices.


Search engine optimization (SEO) ought to be at the forefront of your priorities if you want people to find you when they conduct a Google search. If no one can discover you, you cannot get leads for your company. This is why we have listed all the ways by which you can improve your SEO in this article.

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